New to Recruitment World? Here Is Your Ultimate Guide to E-Recruitment

Recruitment is not a walk in the park. In fact, finding the ideal candidate today is more difficult than it was in the past.

The right candidate is out there, but recruiters often feel like they cannot reach them. Especially when everyone is vying to find great candidates in such a saturated market.

And the result is that you instead end up with candidates who do not always hit the mark.


3 Recruitment Reports to Maintain and Track

Have you ever wondered why your recruitment team is not able to fill the positions on time? Are there parameters that can be monitored and the results be improved?

There are many metrics on the basis of which recruitment progress can be measured. But, working and measuring each recruitment metric could be a tricky and full-time job. As we know most recruiters do not have the bandwidth to dedicatedly work on these metrics reports.


Recruitment Enters the Metaverse!

Over the last few decades, some innovations have transformed how we perceive the world. One of them is the “Metaverse.”

The metaverse offers virtually endless opportunities for businesses in a variety of industries. In fact, the metaverse has already sparked a growing interest in the area of recruitment. In the future, it is predicted that the metaverse will revolutionize the way companies recruit to attract the best talent. And it starts from holding virtual career fairs to conducting virtual interviews to onboarding.


How to Accelerate the Hiring Process Using an Applicant Tracking System?

When it comes to recruiting, time is of paramount importance.

A LinkedIn study states that top candidates are typically off the market in 10 days. This leaves a small window for companies to attract talent before they are lost to competition.

In fact, a drawn-out recruitment process is a serious problem. It not only has a negative impact on business productivity and revenue but also on existing employees’ engagement and company reputation.