5 Effective Strategies for Campus Recruitment

Every year, millions of college students are recruited by companies even before they graduate from their respective colleges. Most freshers believe that campus placements are their best chance of securing a good job.

With campus recruitment, HR teams gain access to a pool of highly-skilled freshers. To find the right talent from colleges across the country/globe, a company should have a definitive campus recruitment strategy.


5 Platforms to Post Jobs Online for Free Without Using Job Boards

Job boards are an essential part of any recruitment strategy, and this plays a crucial role in cost per acquisition. A health recruitment strategy needs to include both paid as well free resources to balance out the given budget. Well, there are many free digital channels one can utilize for posting job positions. Usually, large companies that afford to do recruitment marketing go for paid job boards.


6 Ways to Maintain Hiring Quality in Volume Hiring

Volume hiring is frequently required when a company hires a massive number of candidates in a defined time period. Hiring quality candidates at a large scale is not a cakewalk to the recruitment team. With a handful number of people and limited sources, dealing with such a number is really a challenging task. A Recruiting Daily research study shows high volume refers to filling 250 or more positions in a shorter time.


7 Ways to Reduce the Attrition Rate

Did you know that 51% of employees constantly consider another job as they aren’t satisfied at their current workplace? Employee satisfaction is more important than ever in this competitive era. You don’t want to spend funds on recruitment/training and then have employees dropping out. According to stats, around 25% of employees end up changing their company during the first year of recruitment.  


5 Assessment Methods to Hire the Right Talent

Oftentimes a recruiter faces a dilemma between two candidates given that both are efficient and have the same qualifications, relevant work experience. How does one know who the ideal candidate is? 

Additionally, there are candidates who might have exceptional qualifications as well as other credentials on the resume which bring a promise of value to the company. In such situations, assessment-based hiring can help validate the credentials of a candidate and get the right fit for a company.


5 Steps to Include Diversity In Hiring

A hiring process must always remain fair and unbiased to certain people, and this has been the norm of recruitment for generations to follow. By addressing the issue of diversity in hiring, many companies aim to focus on skill-based recruitment rather than factors like gender, income group, race, or social background. 

The diversity in hiring also gives the establishment an altered hiring process to make it fairer for all people applying for these jobs.