5 Effective Strategies for Campus Recruitment

Every year, millions of college students are recruited by companies even before they graduate from their respective colleges. Most freshers believe that campus placements are their best chance of securing a good job.

With campus recruitment, HR teams gain access to a pool of highly-skilled freshers. To find the right talent from colleges across the country/globe, a company should have a definitive campus recruitment strategy.


7 Ways to Reduce the Attrition Rate

Did you know that 51% of employees constantly consider another job as they aren’t satisfied at their current workplace? Employee satisfaction is more important than ever in this competitive era. You don’t want to spend funds on recruitment/training and then have employees dropping out. According to stats, around 25% of employees end up changing their company during the first year of recruitment.  


5 Tips on Social Media Recruitment Strategies

Social media has become a popular tool used by people and brands to promote their products to a larger audience, which is cost-effective.

A recent survey states that 85% of recruiters said social media helps them to find, engage quality and passive candidates.

With millennials constituting a substantial portion of the workforce and generation Z brimming with the zeal to establish themselves in their chosen niche, brands must prioritize targeting these two groups to receive maximum candidates.