Top 5 Techniques to Pace Up Your Speed of Hire!

High quality candidates are never stable. They are in and out of the market quickly. This is the very reason why, you need to increase your hiring speed so that you can claim all the quality candidates pronto! Simultaneously, the quality of hire also improves!

Of course, all the time goes in the screening and evaluation of the candidates, which is crucial. But, a slow hiring process is a colossal waste of time and a major distraction for the potential candidate.


How do we avoid this? Make smaller changes in your existing process to see a drastic decrease in time to hire.

1. Make a  List of “Most-Wanted” Candidates

List down the list of candidates who match the niche skills to the T. Most candidates in this list would be passive so plan and follow a series of communication that you would send them in the next quarter. It could be a birthday message, a personalized job notification or simply a company update through a newsletter.

2. Track All Profiles That You Receive From All Sources

Start focusing on your existing database, employee referrals and your career page as the primary source of profiles instead of job portals and vendors. Ensure that you market your organization well enough to get quality inbound enquiries.

To do that, pay attention to:

  • Job Descriptions – Write them differently for each position. Don’t rely on the JDs that were written years ago by your predecessors.
  • Social Media Updates – Candidates try to get a hint about the company culture through the social media pages. Push regular updates which are well thought of and well-written to convey the right message.
  • Website Career Page – Don’t just publish vision, mission and current openings. Make videos and publish testimonials from current employees.

3. Measure Time Spent at Each Stage of Recruitment

Don’t just calculate cumulative ageing of a position from the day it was opened to the day the position was closed. Calculate the time spent at each stage so that you know the stage(s) where the hiring process becomes the slowest. Concentrate on parameters that will show you the gaps clearly. Time to Start (TTS), Time to Fill (TTF) and Time to Accept Offer.

4. Go Digital!

Manual processes provide sufficient tools to keep going but they hardly help teams improve efficiency or performance. Automate and streamline your hiring process to track and get the valuable data. Hiring professionals can leverage this data to monitor the health of their recruiting efforts and take corrective actions.

5. Post-Offer Engagement

Once the candidate accepts offer, recruiters often move on to the next open position. It is imperative to engage with the candidate post offer acceptance to help candidates manage change seamlessly. Providing a good candidate experience can actually prove to either win your candidate’s trust and interest or just drive him away. This is especially important for senior level hires.

These recruitment actions will surely accelerate your hiring speed. Working on these gaps will surely impact your time to hire considerably.

Happy Hiring!